Warm Air Heating Specialists

Servicing your unit

Thousands of Nordec customers trust us every year to regularly service their boiler or Warm Air unit. It makes financial sense to have an annual service contract; regular servicing keeps your system in tiptop condition, extends its life and reliability and minimises the risk of costly breakdown repairs.

It’s important from a safety perspective too. A system without a service contract is a potential safety hazard and your gas appliances must be serviced by a Gas Safe engineer. Don’t be tempted to go without a service contract for your Warm Air Unit or boiler when the cost of a Nordec service contract is so affordable.

Servicing you can rely on

Our service prices include free of charge callouts (any number per year). We are exceptionally competitive and we have a range of annual contracts so you can choose the plan that meets your needs.

We don’t just analyse statistics. Whilst a Gas Safety check assesses the basic safety of your gas appliances, a Nordec Heating gas appliance service will consist of:

  • A full check of your gas appliance.
  • Our engineer will then assess the physical condition of the appliance, the installation pipe work, air vents and any flues for signs of deterioration.
  • They will carry out performance tests and take any necessary remedial action. Safety aside, servicing your gas appliances regularly maintains their efficiency and performance.

If your boiler or Warm Air unit is problematic, please get in touch and we will visit you, repair it and get your home warm again! Should Nordec install a new heating system for you and maintain it after the first year with a service contract, your warranty can be extended too.

Contact us if you are interested in a service contract for your boiler or Warm Air unit.