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Gas Safe

Gas Safe

It is of paramount importance for your safety and the safety of your loved ones that if you have a gas boiler it is serviced regularly by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Every Nordec engineer carries his own unique Gas Safe ID card. You will have seen the little yellow triangle – this is the Gas Safe logo. Never have your gas appliances serviced by an engineer that has not been Gas Safety Registered.

The Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey. By law all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register. Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the gas registration body on 1st April 2010.

Make sure that your gas appliances are safety checked every single year with no exceptions. Gas appliances left unchecked could leak carbon monoxide.

All of your gas appliances, including your gas boiler, gas cooker and gas fire should be safety checked once a year and serviced regularly. If you do not have your gas appliances regularly serviced and safety checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer you could be putting yourself and your family at risk.

What are the signs that your gas appliances need servicing?

If you notice any one or more of the warning signs below contact Nordec Heating to service your appliance as a matter of urgency.

  • Your gas appliance is not working properly
  • Your appliance is burning with a lazy yellow flame instead of a crisp blue flame
  • You can see black marks or stains on or around your gas appliances
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • There is increased condensation in the room

What if our engineer identifies a problem with your gas appliance?

All Gas Safe registered engineers must follow the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP) when assessing the risks of an unsafe gas appliance.

What is a Gas Safety check?

A Gas Safety check involves a Gas Safe registered engineer inspecting your gas appliances. Your Nordec Heating engineer will check that your appliance is working correctly in the following four areas:

  • Gas appliances are on the right setting and burning correctly with the correct operating pressure
  • Harmful gases are being removed from the appliance safely to the air outside
  • That any ventilation routes are clear and working properly
  • All the safety devices are working

The check will identify any defects which require remedial work. You should have a Gas Safety check every year. If you are a landlord this is the law.

Contact us if you require any information about Gas Safety.