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Nordec Heating was the first company to offer Warm Air installation in the United Kingdom back in 1960! We really are the Warm Air servicing, repair and replacement specialists.

Because of our decades of expertise we can offer a complete Warm Air service including repairs, servicing and a complete design and installation service you would be hard pushed to find anywhere else. Today, upgrading and converting your old system with a new and more efficient system has never been more straightforward. In most cases it can be achieved within one day.

What are the benefits of having a Warm Air system?

  • Discreet and efficient – Warm Air central heating provides fast warm up times and it can incorporate a water heater. Warm Air is introduced into the rooms via discrete diffusers leaving your wall space free to position your furniture – no manoeuvring around radiators! Modern Warm Air heaters with electronic controls provide stable room temperatures, are the ultimate in comfort and offer greater fuel efficiency than traditional boilers. This is all topped off with a smooth and quiet operation.
  • Money saving – modern air heaters have intelligent control systems that monitor the control of the appliance. This ensures the most efficient operation with savings of up to 18% on running costs when compared to traditional boilers.
  • A cleaner environment – with allergies in the home becoming more common with both adults and children alike, modern heaters have the option of electronic filtration when Cleanflow is added. This means that all of the air in your home can be electronically cleaned at up to 6 times per hour. The filter removes 95% of all airborne particles down to 1 micron. (Pollen is approximately 100 microns and tobacco smoke is 1 micron). This will provide a cleaner, healthier, more allergen free home environment; beneficial for everyone but especially so for children and adults with hay fever, dust and pet allergies and suffering from respiratory complaints such as asthma.
  • Hot water – most modern air heaters now offer the option of an integral domestic hot water circulator. This is mounted within the air heater to provide an efficient and economical supply of hot water. Larger output circulators are available on some models to supply hot water to radiators as well as domestic hot water.

Contact us if you are interested in a service contract for your Warm Air unit, if it needs repairing or you would like to discuss the benefits of a professionally designed and installed new Warm Air installation.

Offering Greater Efficiency and Saving You Money

We now provide a new range of condensing warm air heaters offering even greater efficiencies and cost savings.

If you are considering a replacement Warm Air Unit make sure that you talk to a qualified and experienced professional. We will come to your home and provide a comprehensive and detailed estimate at no charge.

Contact us if you are interested in discussing the benefits of a new system and you are interested in exploring your options.

Product Range

We offer a wide product range including:

  • New Condensing Warm Air Unit
  • Warmcair Range
  • Economaire Range
  • Hispec Range
  • Water to Air system

Please call us on 01342 841651 for more information.